As the risk of doing business varies in different environments, insurance plans and coverage also vary accordingly

 By using our apt and up to date knowledge of current laws and regulations and utilizing the experience we have in pursuing hundreds of cases, we can lower the debt and insurance coefficient to the minimum legal amount.

Existing obscure items, generality, conflicting laws and legal clauses and unawareness about current regulations and their changes regarding social security is causing confusion and putting institutes and companies at a disadvantage.

Social security consulting group,  ADA Hamrang  Andisheh Farda,  with related expertise and practical  knowledge regarding the constitution and labor related laws with the aim of making more Conesus between you and social security organization, for a future without worry and more profit, is ready to cooperate with you.

Why do you need a social security consultant?

Case 1:

Company A is operating in production, distribution and export of some specific goods. After being audited by social security organization, the company will be faced with equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. We can help you here.


A contractor has lost one worker in a project by accident. The company is covered by accident insurance but due to some negligence is faced with an overwhelming amount of debt. We can help you here


One of your workers has lost his hand on the first day of his job. Who will pay the compensation?

How much responsibility does the employer have from legal point of view?

Generally, as evident from the above mentioned cases, lack of information regarding social security organization and its complicated laws, would cause a great amount of cost.
You might say, “Ok, we will have a conversation with a social security consultant and fix the mess after that” but bear in mind that “not acting in the appropriate time” will cost you more. ADA Company will be your guide in social security and labor laws related issues.

Iran social security law booklet

Consultation about workers issues : Such as hard or hazardous conditions including contracts debts, insurance auditing debts and other debts

Review and consultation about various current activities which requires attention on social security and labor laws aspects and providing educational services. Moreover, design and implementation of a specific framework which will help in identification and solving of future problems the organization may face.


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